Jürgen Lindemann


Jürgen Lindemann has been working on this project for 9 years-all around the world.The monobloc is a lightweight and stackable plastic chair and it is an item that combines the most superlatives at all. It is the cheapest, the most produced article of furniture,  the ugliest chair. The monobloc is the very first item wich is manufactured in industrial bulk production and the only chair you will find around the world in every little country.  But the absolute stunning thing is: Although the monobloc is everywhere, nobody takes a notice. It seems to be completely  invisible. Roughly said there are even more than monoblocs spread over this planet. Lindemann wants to make the monobloc visible.

He traveled the world 3 times (by the way: He has got a good status at Lufthansa) to capture the best monoblocs. Out of thousands of photographs he finally selected  36 best to be exhibited

monobloc LINKS:

Security with a white monobloc and an alien

a white monobloc in Paris

monobloc photographs:


Bangkok airport, a green and a blue one